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      JIDAM is designed to serve as a literature platform to publish articles relevant to various fields of dentistry. It helps budding dentists to publish their research work and clinical cases easily and enhance their profile. The journal will cover technical and clinical studies related to health, ethical and social issues in all the fields of dentistry. The journal does not charge for submission, processing or publication of an article. Articles from general dentist, any speciality dentist, undergraduate and postgraduate students are accepted. Authors are encouraged to submit interesting manuscripts under any of the following category.

ORIGINAL RESEARCH ARTICLES: They are primary sources of scientific literature and includes randomized controlled trials, interventional studies, studies of screening and diagnostic tests, outcome studies, cost effectiveness analyses, case-control series, and surveys with high response rate.

REVIEW ARTICLES: An article that summarizes the current state of understanding on a topic. Any article that summarizes previously published studies and critically assesses literature rather than reporting new facts or analysis can be considered for publication.

CASE REPORTS: Any novel / captivating / unusual cases can be reported. Cases with clinical significance or implications will be given priority.

SHORT COMMUNICATION: A short communication contains only a short report of the case (only pertinent details) and a short discussion. It should focus on a particular aspect of a roblem or a novel finding that is expected to have a significant scientific impact.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Should be precise, decisive observation. They should not be preliminary observations that need a later paper for validation.