July - September 2020 Volume 7/ Issue 3


1. “Relationship Between Impacted Mandibular Third Molar And Mandibular Canal” Does Cone Beam Computed Tomography Imaging Promise
More Effective Diagnosis Before Extraction Than Orthopantamograph? - A Systematic Review

Dr Sanjana.S, Dr. DivyaLalitha.N, Dr. Prabu. D, Dr. Sunayana Manipal, Dr. Rajmohan, Dr. Bharathwaj.V.V
DOI: 1.37841/jidam_2020_V7_I3_01
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2. Hobbies And Extracurricular Activities Practiced Among Dentists And Medical Practitioners In Chennai – A Cross-Sectional Study
Dr.Sanjana.S, Dr Rachel Chacko, Dr Parameswaran.T.M
DOI: 1.37841/jidam_2020_V7_I3_02
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3. Aerosol And Dentistry In Covid Era
Dr. Lekha A, Dr. S.K. Balaji
DOI: 1.37841/jidam_2020_V7_I3_03
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4. Orthodontic Retention By Perio Esthetic Procedures- An Overview
Dr. Ramya Rajendran, Dr. C. Burnice Nalina Kumari, Dr.Padmalochani, Dhwani.K.Dedhia, Dr.Shalini Arumugam, Dr.Vijayalakshmi.R
DOI: 1.37841/jidam_2020_V7_I3_04
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5. Role Of Lasers In Recreating Speech –A Special Case Of Ankyloglossia
Dr.Sathish kumar.K, Dr.Ramakrishnan.T, Dr.Priyadurga.K, Dr.Ramnath.E, Dr. Mejalla. M.A
DOI: 1.37841/jidam_2020_V7_I3_05
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6. Try- In For Immediate Denture – Possible!!- A Casereport
Dr.Balakumar.V, Dr. Haribabu. R, Dr. Bhavani.R
DOI: 1.37841/jidam_2020_V7_I3_06
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7. Expose To Evolve Esthetics– A Case Report Of Altered Passive Eruption
Dr. Jaishree Tukaram Kshirsagar, Dr. Sangeetha.S
DOI: 1.37841/jidam_2020_V7_I3_07
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8. The Subtle Shift From Mineral Trioxide Aggregate To Biodentine- A Report
Dr. Abarajithan. M, Dr. Sathana. V, Dr. Anitha. M
DOI: 1.37841/jidam_2020_V7_I3_08
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9. Ultrasmall Bacteria And Periodontitis – The Novel Link
Dr. Balaji Ganesh S
DOI: 1.37841/jidam_2020_V7_I3_09
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