January - March 2020 Volume 7/ Issue 1


1. Evaluation of Mobile Dental Applications Using User Version Mobile App Rating Scale (uMARS)
Dr.Parvathy Thampy.P.S, Dr.Nijesh.J.E, Dr.Preetha Elizabeth Chaly, Dr.Shyam. S, Dr.Vaishnavi.S.
DOI: 10.37841/jidam_2020_v7_i1_01
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2. A Spectrophotometric Evaluation of Colour Stability of Composite Resins Exposed To Different Liquids Commonly Consumed By Children – An Invitro Study
Dr.Poornima Vijayakumar, Dr.Aruna Sharma, Dr.Jayanthi M, Dr.Sai Sarath Kumar Kothimbakkam
DOI: 10.37841/jidam_2020_v7_i1_02
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3.Post Exposure Prophylaxis In Dental Clinics- A Review
Dr.J.Selvakumar, M.Rojadarshini
DOI: 10.37841/jidam_2020_v7_i1_03
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4. Analysis Of Herpes Simplex Virus Using Gingival Crevicular Fluid- A Review
Darini.A, Dr.MD.Abdul Rahim Akbar, Dr.Jabeen Fathima.G, Dr.Ahmed Danish Rehan, Dr.Pavithra.R.S , Dr.Velkumar.J
DOI: 10.37841/jidam_2020_v7_i1_04
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5. Takayasu Arteritis – A Case Report: With Maxillofacial Surgeon's Perspective And Brief Review Of Literature
Dr.Ramesh Srinivasan.V, Dr.Priyadharsana.PS, Dr.Effie Edsor, Dr.Vigneswaran.T, Dr.Gowri Shankar.P.
DOI: 10.37841/jidam_2020_v7_i1_05
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6. Conservative Management of Tooth Size Arch Length Discrepancies-A Report Of Two Cases
Dr.Shekar Shobana, Dr.Krishnan Amudhalakshmi
DOI: 10.37841/jidam_2020_v7_i1_06
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